Development assessment

If you want to increase your insight into your personal growth potential, or that of your employees, a development assessment is a valuable and effective instrument. The goal of a development assessment is to gain insight into a person's true motivations, his/her personal talents, ambitions and growth potential, but also so-called shadow aspects, adjusted behaviour (distortions), and development points and issues.

A development assessment comprises:

  • an online personality analysis;
  • online cognitive capacity tests;
  • personal drive and motivation analysis;
  • an extensive interview with a psychologist certified by the Dutch Institute for Psychology (NIP);
  • two role plays with an actor;
  • an online case study, such as an analysis assignment, planning exercise, writing assignment, etc.

A development assessment takes up to four hours. Three business days after the assessment the results are discussed with the participant, to whom a concept report, including a personal development advice, is presented. He/she is asked to provide feedback and approve the report. The definitive report is drafted and sent out to the employer directly after the evaluation, with the approval of the participant.