Do it yourself assessments

An assessment following the Assessment Center method has proven to be an excellent way to determine the fitness of a potential candidate for a specific position, or to help you or your employees to develop a personal career plan. However, an assessment can be a major investment. With our Do it yourself assessments you can save much of these expenses.
For instance, if you regularly require employees to do an assessment and when you have expertise in assessments at your company, our Do it yourself assessment allows you to cut your expenses on assessments.

Do it yourself assessments allow you to execute most of the assessment yourself and to leave the rest to us. You ask your employee(s) to fill out an online questionnaire and skills test. Within one working day you will receive from us a concise report that includes a list of the strengths and areas that require attention, and suggestions for areas that the participant should develop. This report allows you to focus your further interviews with the candidate and to discuss relevant issues more in-depth.

The completion of the online questionnaire and test will on average take the candidate one hour.
If you regularly require an assessments for candidates in a similar position, we can develop a tailor made role-playing game that you can use for these assessments.