Management Development assessment

After a reorganisation or alterations in the organisation structure, the role of a manager usually changes profoundly. These changes include alterations in working methods and culture, a different approach towards clients, or a stronger focus on the commercial aspects of the organisation. At HRD-Group we believe that the most effective teaching method is by example. Consequently, changes in the organisation create new expectations from managers. New managerial skills are required for the organisational changes to be successful, and a special development assessment tailored for managers might be essential to accomplish this. This so-called 'Management Development assessment' is a way for managers to determine their current state and identifying several areas for further improvement.


The MD-assessment comprises:

  • an online personality analysis;
  • online cognitive capacity tests;
  • a managerial role questionnaire;
  • a motivational enquiry;
  • an extensive interview with a psychologist certified by the Dutch Institute for Psychology (NIP);
  • two role plays with an actor;
  • an online business case study.


An MD-assessment on average takes three to four hours, of which half can be spent at home. Three working days after the assessment the results and a draft report, including a personal development advice, will be discussed with the participant.