Selection assessment

A selection assessment is a reliable and cost-saving means to predict if and how succesful an individual will for a given position. Research has shown that the predictive value of a selection assessment is many times greater than that of job interviews on their own. The combination of tests and assignments greatly enhance this predictive value. We develop tailor made assessments that relate to specific job-related competencies and other factors such as environment and corporate culture. We identify those factors and discuss them during a comprehensive and free intake.


A selection assessment comprises:

  • an online personality analysis;
  • online cognitive capacity tests;
  • an interview with a psychologist certified by the Dutch Institute for Psychology (NIP);
  • two role plays, or one role play and an online case study.

A selection assessment usually takes up to four hours. The results are documented in a comprehensive report, which will be fed back within three business days after the assessment.