Team assessment

There has been a change in strategy and you and your team have to set new goals. Possibly you have been selected as the new team supervisor, or changes in the organisation have led to a new composition of your team, or there may be problems with the cooperation within the team. These are only a few examples of the many factors that can put pressure on the productivity and internal relations of a team.
A team assessment offers you and your fellow team members the opportunity to gain insight in each other’s motives, strengths and qualities, but also difficulties and ways of handling. It also provides an overview of the different talents that are present and lacking within the team, and what is necessary to develop and use these talents. Moreover, it helps you and your fellow team members to understand which team members can understand each other well, and which have difficulty communicating with each other, and how the team can be managed best, in order to achieve its goals.

Our team assessments usually comprises of:
– an online personality analysis;
– an online team role questionnaire

The assessment report includes an overview of the different qualities and areas for development of your team. Furthermore, for each individual team member there will be as short section indicating their needs concerning individual coaching and guidance to reach their maximum potential.