Past business case

A large company that executes calibrations, inspections and system specifications wanted to intensify its already existing focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. This required to open up the‘old’ culture at the company, in which the main motivation was a need for security. We supported this cultural change with an appealing programme, starting off with a so-called ‘kick-off’, followed by three modules and a spectacular ‘kick-out’.

In the first module, ‘customer directed behaviour’, participants were stimulated to increase their awareness and sensitivity towards the needs of both internal and external clients. This was achieved by a combination of several active methods, including a customer case study and a role play with a professional actor. This resulted in increased awareness, reflection, cooperation, inspiration, and customer focus. 
The second module was about ‘cooperation’: the intended goal was to adjust communication, improve conflict management skills, and to increase active listening and discrete and sensitive behaviour. Participants gained a deeper understanding of cooperation and they indicated areas for improvement in their own company and department. After lunch, Tom van ‘t Hek, a famous and influential Dutch sports commentator, gave an interactive presentation on cooperation and so-called ‘chain thinking’. 
In the last module, ‘professional behaviour’ we challenged participants to reflect themselves on how teams and departments at their company could improve. They also developed their own SMART personal and team development plans.