Business case


The knowledge and information center of a large professional organisation wanted to develop a clear shared vision of its major goals and objectives. At the same time there was a clear need to change their ‘reactive’ working situation and culture into a ‘pro-active’ one. This, because the reactive working situation was characterised by a ‘your wish is our command’ attitude. This caused many instances of overcharge at work.

HRD Group developed and facilitated a group session with both substantive and procedural goals: On the one hand we wanted to create a shared vision of the departmental goals, and on the other hand we wanted the department and its workers to present themselves in a clearer way within the organisation. Both of these goals appeared to be closely intertwined. The group session brought a shared focus and a lot of positive energy to the department. Moreover, the department as a whole, as well as its individuals, were enabled to better present themselves to the rest of the organisation in a clear and powerful way.