Business case

After the fusion of several smaller municipalities into a single one, there was a strong need for a management development programme, combined with individual assessments. The goal of this programme was to develop a single shared culture at this new municipality, in line with the vision and strategic goals of this new organisation.

This new strategic course of action set new demands and expectations for the newly formed management, for whom we created a tailor made development programme. This programme focused on the development of coaching and result focused leadership skills, and consisted of four modules accompanied by several intervision sessions. The results from the assessments showed that there was a lot of potential talent present at the newly formed municipality. The management wanted to employ many of these various talents in order to achieve the ambitious goals they had set. Our MD programme also provided these talented employees with the opportunity for personal development: we developed tailor made training sessions and workshops, we formed intervision groups for some highly motivated employees, and for some of them we created a personal coaching plan.