Business case

One of the major temporary work agencies for the insurance and financial sectors attaches high value to providing excellent training programmes to its employees. This is one of the reasons why they have been regarded as one of the best employers in the Netherlands for over five years. During these years we have worked with them in close cooperation and provided them with advice about the training programmes for their employees. Moreover, we organise skill trainings for their employees during their first two years at office. This organisation used to manage its introduction training programmes for new employees themselves. However, due to decreasing numbers of senior employees who wanted to teach these introduction trainings, there was a strong need for new and motivated internal trainers.

HRD Group was asked to develop and facilitate a training programme for new course leaders for the introduction programme. This training encompassed both the content of the introduction training programme and the didactic skills required to effectively deliver this information to new employees. Furthermore, we were asked to select the participants in this course who we thought were capable of being course leaders in the introduction period. The group that received the training consisted of project managers, line managers and employees. every one of them enjoyed our training programme very much and was able to successfully complete it. As a result the temporary work agency gained eight new course leaders for the