Programmes tailored your situation

Choosing for services by HRD Group means choosing for a clear approach, programmes customized to your specific needs, and lasting results. Our approach usually consists of three phases:



During a comprehensive interview, we investigate your requests, and identify your desired outcomes. We formulate specific goals, that fit within the strategic goals of your organisation, and plan out a time schedule to meet these goals.



Prior to the actual training or education, there will be an oral or written intake, in which we will identify individual learning needs. During the training our coaches consistently check whether the material fits everyone's educational goals, and how they are developing new insights and skills that actually meet the requirements of their professional environment. We often conclude with Personal Development Plans, which participants discuss with their superiors.



Our educations and trainings are evaluated at several occasions during and after a course, together with the client and participants. We continuously evaluate to ascertain whether or not the goals have been met and, if necessary, which subsequent actions are required. In this way we manage to consistently deliver high quality services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a commitment-free orienting conversation.