Welcome to HRD Group

Developing people, growing organisations.

To realise growth for your organisation you need people that excel at their expertise and co-jointly work towards achieving your organisations’ goals.

The best people that have the top notch knowledge required in your industry. The best people who also help each other to succeed, improve upon each other’s ideas, give the best they have and stay with you for a substantial duration. These people are engaged, loyal and productive because they see the importance of their personal contribution to achieving your goals, they feel appreciated and at home. They constantly develop and stay ‘professional fit’. With a staff like this your organisation is up to facing all challenges it is confronted with, it’s agile and can cope with change, it’s innovative and can cause change, it excels in what it does and can compete with the best breed of existing and new competitors.


HRD Group:

In order to increase your employee engagement and productivity we connect people with your organizational goals. We empower you to attract, retain and develop your talent by delivering tailor made and evidence based change programmes, trainings and assessments. In any location, in any country that you choose. Resulting in a workplace that people love.

Quality ensurance

Quality ensurance

Consultants of HRD Group have a background in psychology and sociology.

We use this know-how to ensure the impact and effectiveness of our services, both online and offline. To continually improve our know-how, trainers and coaches are members of EuroPsy, it's dutch equivalent NIP, and/or other associations that are appropriate to their field of expertise. 

Customer satisfaction

Furthermore we ask a third party (cedeo) to test our customer satisfaction bi-annually. They have certified our customer satisfaction at the maximum score of 100%.